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There Is a Tribe of Kids

There Is a Tribe of Kids
Written and illustrated by Lane Smith

My rating: ★★★★½

ISBN: 978-1626720565
Publisher: Roaring Press
Date of publication: May 3, 2016
Age: 5 - 8 years
Format: library book

Themes: animals, groups, belonging, nomenclature

When a young boy embarks on a journey alone...he trails a colony of penguins, undulates in a smack of jellyfish, clasps hands with a family of stars, naps for a night in a bed of clams, and follows a trail of shells, finding a tribe of friends.

This was a really fascinating and somewhat unique picture book—I'm impressed. The text is purely a listing off of the different nomenclatures for animal & object groupings. By itself, it wouldn't make much sense. And yet, in conjunction with some amazing illustrations, the book tells are heartwarming story. The boy just wants to find a place where he belongs, and does his best to fit in with the band of gorillas (yes, they're all playing instruments) or the troop of monkeys (doing their best soldier impersonations) but he keeps getting rejected or left behind. The style of illustration itself is rather unique, using a sponge-like texture in its paint. Smith has created a rugged and soft story, full of movement and warmth.

The touches of humor, the perfect ending, and the amazing art make for an engaging book. Yet, I don't know that it'd work in a storytime setting. It'd be wonderful in the classroom, either as an art study or (even more fun) nomenclature study (kids could have fun afterwards discovering more grouping names). And of course, it begs to be read on the lap of a parent, with careful study of each illustration. Definitely recommended!

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