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Hensel & Gretel: Ninja Chicks

Hensel & Gretel: Ninja Chicks
Written by Corey Rosen Schwartz & Rebecca J. Gomez, illustrated by Dan Santat

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 978-0399176265
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Date of publication: May 24, 2016
Age: 4 - 8 years

Themes: ninja skills, chickens, self defense, fairy tale retelling, heroics

When Hensel and Gretel’s dad gets snatched by a fox, the sisters put their ninja skills to work to track him down before he can be stir-fried. But are these two little chicks ready to take on a dark tangled forest, a tricky house made of corn bread, and an even trickier fox? This plucky pair isn’t giving up without a fight! Kiya!

Okay, I started out pretty biased because I was SO EXCITED for this book! Another ninja fairy tale??? I mean, after I loved the first two, it only makes sense that this one would be good. Now, while Ninja Chicks did not unseat Ninja Red Riding Hood as my favorite (that one makes me laugh the most), it was well done. I'm still THOROUGHLY impressed by Schwartz's and Gomez's rhyming skills and loved that the story was told in verse (makes for a great readaloud, like in my ninja storytime!). It was also very action-packed and exciting, as one would expect when dealing with the martial arts. Of course, this action was greatly enhanced by Santat's amazing art (I know, no one's surprised; he is one of my favorite illustrators). I mean, he illustrated awesome ninja chickens—what's not to love?

Great readaloud, engaging story, and vivid illustrations make for another great ninja fairy tale. Give them all a try!

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