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Grandma is a Slowpoke

Grandma is a Slowpoke
Written by Janet Halfmann, illustrated by Michele Coxon

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 978-1595727107
Publisher: Star Bright Books
Date of publication: February 15, 2016
Age: 3 - 7 years

Themes: grandma, grandchild, animals, nature, appreciation

A little girl is happy to go on a walk with Grandma, but Grandma is such a slowpoke! Why is Grandma taking her time to walk through the woods? Because she stops to watch, listen, and point out the different birds and animals along the way. At the end of the walk, though, guess who is the one to slow down and notice what is to be found along the river?

This. This was adorable. I admit, I was a bit deterred by the title (like I bet you are now). I mean, calling a Grandma a slowpoke? Mean! But in this book? Well, it becomes rather endearing. The story is just right with a good balance between educational tidbits and bonding between grandparent and grandchild. It'd make a great readaloud, too; the pacing and pattern of text is perfect for storytime or lap time. Obviously, it begs to be read by a grandparent to their grandkids!

The illustrations are vivid and detailed, especially with the animals—very realistic. However, that same level of realism didn't apply to the people portrayed in the story. Normally, it wouldn't bother me to have artistically creative characters, but juxtaposed with such realistic animals...it makes the oddity of the people that much more apparent. A small complaint, really. The story more than makes up for it.

So yes, give this one a try! Invite Grandma over and then take a walk after you read it. It's too cute not to.

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(I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review)

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review. I'm so glad the story won you over! Happy Reading to all Grandmas and their grandchildren!