Wednesday, November 4

Picture Book Month

Guess what? It's the most wonderful time of the year!

...Yes, Christmas is coming and the holiday season is wonderful, but I'm talking about:

Yay! Picture book month!

I could go on and on about why picture books really do deserve a whole month of celebration and why they're so important for kids and how everyone should run to their libraries and read and the whole shebang (stop for a breath) but for now, I'm just going to point out some different sites and old posts that do just that.

Picture Book Month:

Of course, you must stop by, because they have a different author/illustrator posting everyday on the importance of picture books. Plus, they have all sorts of helpful insights and extras. For instance, teachers, check out this whole guide on the importance of picture books in the classroom. It touches on activities for ELA, science, math, and other core curriculum ideas. Libraries and schools and everyone can benefit from their promo kit, too. The point is, check out their website.

Favorite old posts about picture books:

See all my picture book reviews here

See all my storytime ideas—which are all based on picture books!—here

Favorite picture book reviewers:



Well, it's a start anyway. I just want to rave about picture books all day long.

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