Friday, September 18

The Top 10 Coolest Bookends (aka Gift Guide!)

Yes, yes, we all know that books all on their own sure are handsome and sophisticated and awesome all on their own, but why not encourage a little bit more flair with stylish bookends?

Okay, so I wouldn't really want to stab a katana through my book collection, but the appearance of such does look pretty awesome. Thanks to magnets, your books will remain unharmed but your kick butt reputation will be intact with Katana Bookends

Often those who love books are also total nerds. This may not have been scientifically proven, but a rather observable fact. Case and point: Portal Bookends. How totally awesome are they??

Tap into your inner child with these retro Toy Soldier Bookends, in all their green plastic glory. They're nice and book-sized now, unlike they're original counterparts, which were just the right size to impale the unaware bare foot...

I've mentioned the Falling Bookend before, in my best gifts for book-lovers post and it's still a favorite. The simple cleverness! I mean, even the book titles in this picture encourage a rather grim outlook.

A to Z Bookends: they're perfect for when you're trying to build a collection that includes everything, A to Z.

Arrow Bookends are perfect for when you want to convey the message that your book collection is HERE.

Fish Bowl Bookends! Of course, you may not want to be too attached to the fish inside. I don't know how long they'd survive. You could always just use these as a vase! Or actually, remove the water aspect altogether and plant a succulent (liquid + books = bad).

We'll not forget the humble roots of the type-written word with these handsome Typewriter Bookends.

Again, tapping into the inner-child here. These Balloon Animal Bookends are just so cute!

These Chained Bookends are perfect for those of us who feel chained to our collections, in a gold-plated way ("What do you mean I can't leave with all my books from the burning house?!?")

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