Wednesday, May 13

Favorite Storytime Blogs

So I'm away from the library this week, taking some vacation time. But, I thought I'd still do a post today about storytimes. In this case: my favorite online resources for storytime ideas.

Yep, other blogs!

So without further ado, here are my go-to storytime idea blogs:

1. Storytime Katie

I swear, Katie's list of storytime ideas/themes is the most comprehensive one I've seen. Plus it has great flannel ideas. AND great craft ideas. It just gives me the whole kit and kaboodle, really.

2. Sunflower Storytime

So I found Leah & Mollie's blog when I started searching for storytime themes that were a bit more unique, such as my Ninja storytime or Mustache storytime. Turns out, they have all sorts of unique ideas.

3. Jbrary

What is a librarian without Jbrary? I don't even want to consider it. First and foremost, Dana and Lindsey have the most comprehensive collection of storytime songs I've ever seen. And they're really cute. It works for all ages, too.

4. Story Time Secrets

Again, another comprehensive resource. And from another Katie! She's got a whole wiki of songs and rhymes, and really comprehensive book lists/ideas. I hope, one day, I can blog as well as her.

5. Mel's Desk

Melissa is the resource I need for my baby times. She's got cute themes and great flannels and all kinds of other library ideas, too.

So this is just a small list of my favorite favorites, it's true. There are even more blogs than anyone really realizes and I know that I definitely find more when I need them through a good Google search or two. Or I use the blog rolls that these five have on their pages. Really, I'm just glad there's such a great network of online sharers. Thanks for all you do! And I hope that I can be of help to other librarians, too!

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