Friday, May 29

Flannel Friday: Superhero Logo Super Matchup

While I realize many librarians may already be "superhero-ed out," I've got yet another flannel to add for your summer reading repertoire!

Yesterday, we hosted our huge summer reading kickoff event. We had Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and even Merida (Disney princess superhero!) come out to get our patrons excited about this year's program. In addition to archery lessons and superhero training, I created some games and crafts for the kids. That's where this flannel comes in. It was a game kids could play matching a superhero to his corresponding logo.

Here's one kid playing the game in action:

He's doing a pretty good job, too!

Bascially, I cut and glued some (faceless) busts of popular superheroes and glued them to some foam core. Then I made their little logos for their chests.

After I glued it all, I realized it might have been fun to make more things interchangeable, such as their masks or hair, but alas, I thought it too late. Also, I could have had fun with just one generic bust and lots of accessories for a build-your-own superhero felt board.

Anyway you do it, I bet it'll be popular. The kids had a lot of fun with mine. Here are some individual head shots.

Was it worth the time I put into them? ...That's still to be decided. But I guess the kids had fun, so that's all that matters! Perhaps I'll lend them to other libraries so they really get their full use.


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