Wednesday, November 14

Author Interview: Stacy McAnulty for Sun! One in a Billion

Wow, my first repeat offender! (Wait...that's not the phrase I'm looking for) What I mean is, I get to interview Stacy McAnulty AGAIN (woo!). This time, she's talking about her most recent picture book, Sun! One in a Billion, the second book in her Our Universe series (you can find out about her first book and some awesome writing advice in a guest post back here). And, small sidenote, I totally meant to post this as part of the blog tour a couple weeks back but we have been down and out in my household. Luckily we're on the mend and double luckily, we get to hear from Stacy again.

EA: Hi Stacy! I've had such a great pleasure featuring your books, and I'm pretty excited about your newest--SUN!, a companion to EARTH!. And I understand there's more to come, too--how exciting! Last interview, we talked a lot about your writing process and ideas, but tell me, how did you decide on a series of fun, factual science-based picture books?

SM: I didn’t set out to write a series. But EARTH! was well received, and the publisher asked if I wanted to do more. I took about half a second to think about it before screaming “YES!” I love the idea of entertaining, humorous science books. Laughing and learning are two of my favorite things. (Dark chocolate and coffee are also two of my favorite things.)