Saturday, June 15

Author Interview: Stacy McAnulty for Moon! Earth's Best Friend

Hooray Stacy McAnulty is back! Which means there is another awesome new book of her's that is being released! In this case, we're referring to the newest in the Our Universe series: Moon! Earth's Best Friend. After writing about Earth, and the Sun, it's time to discuss our closest galactic neighbor (and BFF), the Moon.

Hi Stacy! Thanks for interviewing with me again! I really enjoy hearing about your work. Tell us a bit about how Moon came to be the next subject in your series, how one goes about getting to know her personality, and what you learned about her.

Thank you for having me back!
Earth came first and then Sun, so Moon was the logical next step. They’re a perfect trio and all very important to humans! While researching this third title, it was interesting to learn Earth probably wouldn’t be a perfect habitat for humans without her natural satellite. Moon not only moves the tides, but she also keeps Earth from being too wobbly and thus livable. The personality for Moon really began in the book, Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years, where Moon was declared Earth’s BFF. I imagined their friendship to be sweet, long lasting, and supportive, but also Moon really admires Earth. Almost like a kid sister.