Friday, February 10

Flannel Friday: Presidents' Day

So I'm going to share an oldie but goodie that I would use for that other February holiday, Presidents' Day! Basically, this is a great game to help kids recognize some U.S. Presidents and the money their portraits are on.

Yes, I printed off some money (yay counterfeit!) extra large. First, here's a song about the different presidents and who is on what money (turns out this song takes awhile so you can just do one or two).

Song: "Do You Know Who’s on the Penny?"
(Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Do you know who’s on the penny, on the penny, on the penny?
Do you know who’s on the penny?
Abraham Lincoln!

Do you know who’s on the quarter, on the quarter, on the quarter?
Do you know who’s on the quarter?
George Washington!

But even more fun for kids is the fun game where I hide an actual penny behind one of the bills/coins and the kids have to guess where it was (little mouse hiding game style). We say this little diddy together:

Little penny, little penny
Where did you go?
Are you under the nickel?
We want to know! 

Are you under the dime?
Are you under the quarter?
Are you under the 1 dollar bill?
Are you under the 5 dollar bill?
Are you under the 10 dollar bill?

And then I lift up the nickel and the kids moan if they're wrong or cheer if they're right. They love it and have a lot of fun with this game. Plus, it helped the kids identify what a quarter vs nickel looked like or a 5 dollar vs 10 dollar bill. And, I taught them the sign language for each of the bills/coins. We did the ASL action as we said the rhyme together. So fun and learning all around!

Here are the pictures I printed off for the game: (click for larger version)


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