Monday, May 4

I Don't Like Koala

I Don't Like Koala
Written by Sean Ferrell, illustrated by Charles Santoso

My rating: ★★★★

ISBN: 978-1481400688
Publisher: Atheneum
Date of publication: April 14, 2015
Age: 4 - 7 years
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Themes: stuffed toys, creepy, communication, change of heart

Adam does not like Koala. Koala is a little creepy. He's sure Koala watches him. Adam tries explaining this to his parents. He tries putting Koala away—far away. He tries taking Koala on a long, long walk. Nothing works. Will Adam ever be rid of Koala?

This was cute. And funny. And clever. Which, to me, is the picture book trifecta. Adam is just a sad little kid that can't seem to communicate to his parents just how creepy this Koala is. When he tries to take matters into his own hands, it just gets cuter and clever-er. Like when he goes through forest and hills and rocks (house plants and couches and stairs) to hide the toy and it STILL somehow ends up in his arms when he wakes up in the morning. So funny! Simple illustrations and text, yet underlying implications, make it perfect for all ages. See if you like it, too.

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